Issue 3, 2017
Wolfram Insider
Wolfram Data Repository »
Building on the Wolfram Data Framework and the Wolfram Language, the Wolfram Data Repository provides a uniform system for storing data and making it immediately computable and useful. It is built to be a global resource for public data and data-backed publication.
Read Stephen Wolfram's Data Repository blog.
Wolfram|One »
Wolfram technology has been embraced by scientists and researchers worldwide, but at its core is a powerful programming language for any number of development and computational applications. Wolfram|One is the ideal entry point to the Wolfram technology stack for new users and, in particular, for anyone who isn't already using Mathematica. From data analytics to modeling (with our curated data or yours), from publishing an API to live presenting your latest R&D, from instant scratchpad to rapidly programming your prototype, Wolfram|One is the culmination of 30 years' experience in technical computing development as one easy-to-use, get-started-now product.
Building Blocks for Neural Nets and Automated Machine Learning »
Join us for a free webinar about building neural nets for deep learning and using other highly automated machine learning functionality with the Wolfram Language.
An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language, Second Edition »
Check out Stephen Wolfram's latest update to An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language. The new edition includes new functionality from Version 11 of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language. With a broad range of examples, you can see the code in action as you learn.
Register Now for the 2017 Wolfram Technology Conference »
This year's conference is set for October 17–20, 2017. As a participant, you'll be among the first to experience our newest releases and see how Wolfram technologies give you a competitive edge.
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